Abstract Submission is Now Open

NanoMan 2024 invites scientists and professionals to submit abstracts in the featured topical areas, include but not limited to:

1) Advanced Nanomaterials

  • Nanocomposites
  • Nanoparticles synthesis and applications
  • Nanocoatings,surfaces,and membranes
  • Carbon nanostructures and devices
  • Polymer nanotechnology
  • Nano bio materials

2) Atomic and Close-to-Atomic Scale Manufacturing (ACSM)

3) High Precision Machines

4) Laser Micro / Nano Materials Processing

5) Micro / Nanoforming

  • Micro cold forming
  • Plastic / glass molding
  • Nano electroforming

6) Micro / Nanomachining

  • Ultra / nano-precision machining
  • FIB and e-beam based fabricationlMicro / Nano-electromechanical Systems

7) Micro / Nano-patterning, Micro-featured Surfaces & Surface Modification

8) Micro / Nano Optics and Photonics

9) Modeling & Simulation at the Micro / Nano Scale

10) Nano Characterization and Tools

  • Nano metrology
  • Nano characterization
  • Optics and interferometry

11) Nano / Microsystems & Auto-assembly

12) Nanoscale, Multiscale Modelling & Analysis

13) Optical Machining & Measurement

14) Process Monitoring and Quality Control

15) Ultra-precision Manufacturing Systems

16) Other Technologies Associated with Manufacturing III, Micro / Nano Manufacturing and Metrology


Abstract Submission  Opens
Abstract Submission Closes 30 July 2024

Abstract Submission Guidelines

  • Abstract should be submitted under one of the categories listed.
  • Abstract must be submitted in English.
  • All submission must be prepared using the given WORD template and abstract should be uploaded in PDF FORMAT.
  • File must be cropped to fit page size of A4 (297mm x 210mm) and must not exceed ONE pages.
  • Font sizes and style of presentation must follow the template and uploaded in PDF FORMAT.
  • Only abstracts submitted via the online submission portal will be accepted.
  • Abstract must be submitted before the submission deadline.
  • A Submission Acknowledgement email will be sent to the submitting main author’s registered email address once the submission is successful. Please contact the conference secretariat at secretariat@nanoman2024.com if you do not receive it.


  • The submitting author will be notified via email if the abstract has been accepted for by stipulated date.
  • The submitting author will be notified via email to submit their full paper.
  • The decision of the Technical Programme Committee is final with reference to acceptance, mode, and category of presentation.